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Senior man outside holding onto bar.At Northern Health, we know that people want to maintain as much control as possible over their lives - that's why we're working hard to provide a range of health care options that promote independence, choice and dignity. The ability to make personal choices for health care is important. Most Northerners by nature are resilient, self-reliant and independent. Therefore, providing resources and services that can help them stay that way are important in every community, no matter how small.

The needs of seniors and people with disabilities are unique and Northern Health has a range of services to meet your needs. These services are designed to complement and supplement, but not replace the efforts of individuals to care for themselves, with the assistance of family, friends, and community.

Detailed information on home and community care services and programs for seniors and persons with disabilities is available by browsing the available links and topics under Home and Community Care.

Resources for Healthy Aging

Healthy aging promotes independence.  Staying healthy is a lifetime commitment to making good choices for your own health care.  There are a number of resources available in your community and online to help guide you.

  • SeniorsBC - resources on active aging, health, nutrition, physical activity, financial and legal resources, advance care planning and elder abuse prevention, to mention just a few topics of interest.

Keep Active

Physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your physical and mental health. Being active promotes joint and muscle health and helps to maintain balance. A daily walk with a friend or partner, the family pet or a walking group is a great way to keep active. Many communities have senior recreation centres that offer excercise and recreation activities. The Yellow Pages of your phone book will provide a listing of "Senior Citizens' Services & Centres" in your area.

Get Involved

Being involved in your community helps maintain mental and emotional health. Your community can be as small as your own circle of friends and family, or any group of individuals with a common interest, such as senior recreation centres, clubs or organizations. Joining a group or club as a participant or volunteering with a non-profit society provides opportunities to meet new friends and to keep the mind and body active.

Maintain Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential to healthy aging. Information on general nutrition can be found on our Nutrition webpage. Many communities have a Meals on Wheels program that provides nutritious hot meals delivered to your home. Check with your local health unit or Home Health/Community Services office to find out if this is available in your community.

Make your Home Safe

Maintaining independence also means being safe in your home. Many falls and injuries in the home are preventable. Information on falls and injury prevention can be found on our Injury Prevention webpage.


Village of Granisle: An Age-friendly Community


2015 Healthy Aging in the North: Action Plan


2013 Community Consultation

"Let’s Talk About Healthy Aging and Seniors' Wellness"

View the report here (pdf)

Northern Health's 2013 public consultation, Let's Talk about Healthy Aging and Senior's Wellness, provided the opportunity to engage citizens in Northern BC in conversations about what it means to be well and how to stay healthy as one ages.

Watch Dr. Charles Jago give an introduction to the report on our Northern Health YouTube channel.