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NH Research Review Committee

Research at Northern Health requires two approvals to proceed:

  • Research Ethics Approval
  • Northern Health Operational Approval

Research ethics and operational approvals can be pursued simultaneously. Once the conditions for research ethics and operational approval are met, a letter of approval from the Research Review Committee will be emailed to the Principal Investigator and the Northern Health managers who provided operational approval for the research.

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Northern Health Staff Information Sheets

Committee Members:

  • Tamara Checkley, Research and Evaluation Coordinator, NH (Chair)
  • Kirsten Thomson, Regional Director, Risk and Compliance, NH
  • Linda Axen, Regional Manager, Policies and Clinical Practice Standards, NH
  • Dr. Sandra Allison, Chief Medical Health Officer, NH
  • Sam Milligan, Carrier Sekani Family Services
  • Damen DeLeenheer, Clinical Educator, NH
  • Robert Pammett, Research and Development Pharmacist – Primary Care , NH
  • Kerensa Medhurst, BC Cancer Agency
  • Jim Campbell, Executive Lead Mental Health & Addictions
  • Dr. Andrew Gray, Medical Health Officer, NH

Associate Members:

  • Ann Syme, Regional Director, HR Planning Design and Education, NH
  • Tysen LeBlond, Occupational Therapist , NH
  • Scott Christie, Environmental Health Officer, NH
  • Joanna Paterson, Project Lead, Chronic Pain Prevention, NH

For more information on the Research Review Committee and its process, contact Jaclyn Sawtell (250) 649-7598 or email researchcommittee@northernhealth.ca



2016 Research Review Committee​​​​​​​​​
Appls. Deadline Meeting Date
Jan 13, 2017 Jan 26, 2017
Feb 10, 2017 Feb 23, 2017
Mar 7, 2017 Mar 23, 2017
Apr 10, 2017 Apr 27, 2017
May 8, 2017 May 25, 2017
Jun 9, 2017 Jun 22, 2017

*Applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed within 2 weeks.