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Travel health and other non-publicly-funded vaccines

Travel health and non-publicly funded vaccines are offered by private providers in Northern Health. Many family physicians also provide this service for their patients.

If you are planning to travel outside of Canada, you may require immunizations. The type and schedule will depend on your destination, the length of your stay and whether or not your routine immunizations are up-to-date. Some countries require certain immunizations for entry into that country. Some of these require multiple doses over a period of time.

Northern Health encourages residents with international travel plans to plan well ahead when it comes to immunization requirements for their destinations. Please do your best to contact a provider at least 3 months before your departure date to book an initial appointment to determine your immunization needs for your travel itinerary.

Where to go for Travel Health and Non-Publicly Funded Vaccine Services?

Travel Health

Check with your family doctor.

Fort St. John:

  • Wellness Centre
    Address: #300-9730 101st Ave.
    Tel: 250-785-3234.

Prince George:

  • Northern British Columbia Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic (NBCTHVC)
    Address: 925 Vancouver St., V2L 2P6
    Tel: 250-563-8284 or 250-277-1887
    Fax: 250-563-8285
  • Northern Travel and Vaccination Clinic
    Address: #109-1811 Victoria St.
    Phone: 250-596-9190.


  • Vancouver Coastal Health Travel Clinic
  • Vancouver International Airport Travel Clinic
    Phone: 604-207-6900
  • Vancouver Travel Clinic
    Phone: 604-736-9244

Grande Prairie, Alberta:

  • 780-513-7500

Yellow Fever Vaccine

For travellers requiring a Yellow Fever vaccine, the clinics listed below provide the vaccine. The Yellow Fever vaccine must be administered 10 days before departure to allow time to develop immunity and for the vaccine certificate to be legally valid.

Fort St. John, BC

  • Travel Well Travel Clinic
    (Fort St. John Pharmacy)
    Address:Suite 300, 9730-101 Avenue, V1J 2A8
    Tel: 250-785-3234

Prince George, BC:

  • London Drugs #51 Prince George
    Address: 196 - 1600 15th Ave., V2L 3X3
    Tel: 250-561-1118
  • Northern British Columbia Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic (NBCTHVC)
    Address: 925 Vancouver St., V2L 2P6
    Tel: 250-563-8284 or 250-277-1887
    Fax: 250-563-8285
  • Northern Travel and Vaccination Centre
    Address: 109-1811 Victoria Street, V2L 2L6
    Tel: 250-596-9190
    Toll Free: 1-877-404-7175

Smithers, BC:

  • Moisey Medical Clinic Inc.
    Address: 3884 2nd Avenue, V0J 2N0
    Tel: 250-847-4800
    Fax: 250-847-4843
  • Pharmasave Health Centre #034
    Address: 1211 Main St., V0J 2N0
    Tel: 250-847-8750

For other Yellow Fever Vaccinations in British Columbia, and in Canada please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada

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Vancouver Travel Clinic

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  • Diabetes Health Centre

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