Preventive Public Health Services Overview
  Indigenous Health  
  Advance Care Planning  
  Community Care Licensing  
  Chronic Disease  
  End-of-Life Care / Hospice Palliative Care  
  Environmental Health  
  Health Alerts  
  Health Topics  
  Healthy Living & Communities  
  Home and Community Care  
  Hospital Services  
  Injury Prevention  
  Mental Health & Addictions  
  NH Connections (medical travel service)  
  Overdose Prevention  
  Pregnancy - Maternity - Babies  
  Primary Health Care  
  Public Health  
  Seniors Health  

Programs and Services

Adult and Women's Health

  • Pregnancy testing and counseling
  • Health promotion activities and health education
  • Publicly funded immunizations (note: travel health services and non-publicly funded immunizations are provided through private clinics in Northern Health)

Infants, Children and Family Health

  • Prenatal information and education
  • Education and support to new parents and babies
  • Child Health Clinics
    • Services and information related to infant and childhood growth and developments, developmental screening, immunizations, parenting and safety education/counseling, postpartum education and screening
  • Immunizations

Communicable Disease Prevention and Control

  • Immunizations (including influenza)
  • Health education
  • Communicable disease follow-up
  • Screening, treatment and counseling for communicable diseases, including sexually transmitted infections (STI's)

Dental Health Services

  • Preventive oral health information for children
  • Oral screening for kindergarten students
  • Fluoride varnish application for young children at risk of developing cavities
  • Support for families to access dental treatments
  • Educational resources

Hearing Services

  • Full hearing assessments for children from birth to 18 yrs, upon referral
  • Hearing aid services
  • Early identification of hearing impairment in young infants considered at risk of hearing loss
  • Annual screening and follow-up of kindergarten students

Nursing Support Services

  • Nursing support to children and youth (0-19 yrs) who have special health care needs at home and/or school and childcare settings

School and Youth Health

  • School health education and health promotion
  • Communicable disease control
  • Follow-up of students with specific health needs
  • School-based immunization program delivery

Speech-Language Services

  • Speech-language screening and assessment for infant and preschool children
  • Early speech-language intervention and therapy
  • Assessment and treatment of swallowing and feeding problems in infants and toddlers
  • Education and workshops