Tips for Better Dental Health!
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Watch Your Mouth! It's Up To YOU to know how!

Bad Breath (Halitosis) is often caused by plaque bacteria in your mouth.

  • Plaque bacteria can be removed by Brushing your teeth, Brushing your tongue and Flossing.
  • Breath mints, chewing gum and mouthwashes only cover up bad breath for a short time, they are not a cure.
  • Regular brushing and flossing clear up most cases of bad breath

Bad breath may also be caused by:

  • Not drinking enough water
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Some foods
  • Some illnesses like ulcers or a sore throat

If you have bad breath that won't go away, talk to your dentist or dental hygienist.

Do you have Gum Disease(gingivitis)? It can happen at any age.

Early warning signs include:

  • Red or swollen gums
  • Gums may be tender
  • Bleeding when you brush or floss
  • Bad breath

Checklist for a healthy smile... what you do and don't do matters!

  • Choose fresh fruits and vegetables when you eat on the run
  • Drink water for thirst
  • Limit snacking
  • Wear a Mouth Guard for SPORTS or other activities in which your mouth may be at risk of injury
  • If you do smoke or chew tobacco, consider quitting.
    The warnings about smoking and chewing tobacco and are true. Besides lung and heart problems, tobacco can cause oral cancers.
  • Keep up with your dental check-ups
    Dental cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants help prevent dental problems.
  • Brush morning and night with a fluoride toothpaste.

Catch small problems early - before they become BIG problems

There's more to a Dental Exam than checking for tooth decay how would you know if something was wrong?

  • Your dental team knows what to look for and can help you learn how you can prevent oral disease.
  • If you spot trouble or have questions - visit your dental team.

Check it out - before it may become a serious problem!