Fluoride Varnish for Children
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Fluoride Varnish for Children

Does your child need Fluoride Varnish?

The Fluoride Varnish Program is a FREE dental program to help prevent tooth decay (cavities) in young children under six years of age. Fluoride varnish helps strengthen teeth. If your child already has tooth decay, fluoride varnish helps stop or slow down the progress of tooth decay until your child is able to have treatment in a dental office or until their first teeth naturally fall out.

Your child should have Fluoride Varnish applied if...

  • You or your other children have had cavities in the past 12 months, or
  • Your child sleeps with a bottle with anything other than water in it, or
  • Your child's teeth are not cleaned daily with a fluoride toothpaste, or
  • Your child's teeth look like any of the teeth in the three photos below.
First signs of decay Moderate to Severe Decay Severe Decay

Click here for more information on the Fluoride Varnish Program. Please contact us if you would like your child to have Fluoride Varnish.

If you have a family dentist, please check with them as they may want to provide fluoride applications for your child in their office.


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