Dental Care for Children 0-5 years
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Dental Care for Children 0-5 years

  • Begin brushing teeth as soon as first tooth appears.
  • Brush your child's teeth twice a day with Rice-Sized amount of Fluoride Toothpaste.
  • Be a great role model. Take care of your teeth too!
  • Young children cannot clean their own teeth effectively. Brush for them when they are very young and brush with them as they grow older. (once children are over 8 years of age, they can brush their own teeth with supervision.)
  • Baby teeth are important for making speech sounds, guiding adult teeth into place, eating and jaw development.
  • Keep baby teeth healthy until they fall out naturally.
  • An adult brushes my child's teeth morning and night.
  • My child's teeth are brushed with a Rice-Sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. (Ages 3 years of age and older, use a Pea-Sized amount)
  • My child uses a lidless, regular cup (around age one)
  • I offer my child a variety of healthy foods with 2-3 snacks a day of foods that do not stick to teeth.
  • I offer my child water for thirst between meals. (other drinks may be offered at mealtime and snack time)
  • Once a month I lift my child's lip and check for new teeth or signs of tooth decay. Catch Problems Early...before they become Big Problems
  • My child's first dental visit is around age one.
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More Information on Children's Dental Health

More Information on Funding for Children's Dental Treatment

Save A Smile Program

A program funded by donations for low income families with children (19 years & under) who have dental pain, infection or a lot of tooth decay.
Contact your Public Dental Health Program to learn more.