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NW Specialized Services Includes:

Inpatient and Intensive Services

Mills Memorial Hospital
4720 Haugland Ave
Terrace, BC V8G 2X5
Charge Nurse: (250) 638-4082

Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Units are designated psychiatric facilities which are able to provide care to people certified under the Provincial Mental Health Act. The units offer an interprofessional team approach to care, and liaise with community services to ensure continuity of care when patients are discharge to the community.

  • Terrace: 10 beds
  • Regional programs
  • Age group: 19+ (will admit youth if necessary)
  • Services the NH Region, resources to outlines areas
  • Provides crisis stabilization, assessment, consultation and brief treatment and discharge planning
  • Group work focused on Psycho-Social Rehab model
  • Provides services for all psychiatric diagnosis including concurrent with Addictions
  • Provides the gateway for Provincial Tertiary Services
  • Admission: via emergency dept, Mental Health and Addiction community services or Physicians

Adult Rehabilitation and Recovery Services

Adult rehabilitation and recovery services are available at a number of locations and provide a varying level of care for adults with mental health or substance use issues

Tertiary resources provide 24/7 rehabilitation and recovery services for adults with severe or persistent mental illness. Psychogeriatric tertiary residential services provide 24/7 elderly tertiary rehabilitation and residential care.

In collaboration with Mental Health & Addiction team leads, the resources are managed through a Northern Health Mental Health & Addiction Tertiary Resource Utilization Coordinator which provides a system of bed management across Northern Health.

Seven Sisters: Rehabilitation & Recovery Program

2815 Tetrault St.
Terrace, BC V8G 2W6

Phone: (250) 631-4121 or (250) 631-4123
Fax: (250) 631-4129

  • Terrace: 20 beds
  • Age group: Adults 19 years and older
  • Provides longer term stabilization, treatment and recovery programing for individuals living with serious and persistent mental illness
  • The program supports an individual’s needs that are beyond what can be supported by community-based services

Referral Process

All referrals are screened by the Regional Tertiary Utilization Committee (RTUC). The RTUC determines the suitability and appropriateness of the referral as well as program matching. The RTUC also manages wait list priority sequencing. Please contact the Regional Tertiary Utilization Coordinator at 250-645-6088 for more information.

Birchwood Place

3183 Kofoed Drive
Terrace, BC V8G 3P8

Phone: (250) 635-2171
Fax: (250) 635-7057
After Hours or Emergency Line: (250) 635-2171

  • Terrace: 8 beds
  • Age group: Adults 19 years and older
  • Provides short term stays, for up to a maximum of 8 weeks, providing the opportunity to enhance the skills necessary to live independently in the community
  • The team works in collaboration with the individual and their identified support system

Referral Process

  • Referral is completed by the individual’s clinician or equivalent
  • Referral can begin by contacting:
    Clinical Lead – Phone 250-631-4126 or
    Team Leader – Phone 250-631-4127

Seven Sisters and Birchwood work within a framework of Recovery Oriented guidelines and Psychosocial Rehabilitation principles and values. We believe that Recovery is the personal process that people with mental health conditions experience in gaining control, meaning and purpose in their lives. Recovery involves different things for different people.

For some, recovery means the complete absence of the symptoms of mental illness. For others, recovery means living a full life in the community while learning to live with ongoing symptoms. Psychosocial rehabilitation services and supports are collaborative, person directed, and individualized. We focus on working alongside individuals to develop skills to access resources needed to live their best life, including life skills, work, learning, wellness, leisure and community participation.

NW Intensive Case Management Team

4542 Park Ave
Terrace BC, V8G 1V4

Phone: 250-631-4647
Fax: 250-635-0020

The Intensive Case management team’s (ICMT) overall purpose is to work with the individuals and families to improve health care and outcomes for those who are impacted by problematic substance use or addiction with or without mental illness, and are experiencing complex and functional challenges related to community living, to health, housing, poverty, and face barriers in accessing existing health or social service, through the provision of intensive community-based outreach services.

The team is part of the continuum of community-based case management that provide a wrap-around service including street outreach and provision of services in the community.

  • Based out of Terrace, serving the NW NH region
  • Age group: Adults 19 years and older
  • Works with clients who have minimal to no supports 
  • Provide client centered and strength based care that prioritizes client goals
  • Improve coordination of services/ enhance integration of services
  • Provide wrap-around short term transitional support and services 
  • Work from a Psychosocial Rehabilitation and harm reduction model
  • Provides Harm Reduction supplies and Naloxone training and kit distribution
  • SMART Pathways to Recovery program -  Provides a client centered approach to wellness and focuses on assisting individual’s to achieve responsibility for their individual recovery, provides access to resources for on-going support and uses the harm reduction model to promote health and well-being. Continuous intake – no referral needed for SMART Pathways to Recovery. NW Regional Smart Recovery groups offered as well.

Terrace Community Programs

3412 Kalum St.
Terrace, BC V8G 0G5

Phone: (250) 631-4202
Fax: (250) 631-4282
After Hours or Emergency Line: (250) 638-4082

The Terrace Community programs offer services that include a combination of functions with inter-professional teams, as well as some specialty services, i.e. Developmental Disabilities Mental Health (DDMH), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), etc. Youth addictions counselling and referral, elderly services counselling, early psychosis, eating disorders, recreation rehabilitation.

Community programs provide assessment, treatment and referrals for adults with mental health and/or addiction problems. The range of services include:

#102 - 4450 Greig Ave
Terrace, BC V8G 1M3

The Adult Addiction Day Treatment program provides a client centered approach to wellness. The program focuses on assisting individual’s to achieve greater responsibility for their individual recovery, provides access to resources for on-going support and uses the harm reduction model to promote quality health and well-being. 

  • Age group: 19+
  • Provides a continuous intake
  • Staffed with nurses and clinicians
  • Provides programs for clients with addictions or concurrent issues in a group module format
  • Recreational/leisure support
  • Nutrition education
  • Does not provide individual case management
  • Works in collaboration with community partners: MHAS Case Managers, Native Friendship Centre, Needle Exchange Programs, and Community Supportive Recovery beds etc.
  • GP’s provide some client support (sessional time)

Opioid Agonist Therapy

  • 19 + 
  • Northern Health in collaboration with Alliance Group
  • Intake with a clinician 
  • Monthly intake with addiction specialist Physicians
  • Telehealth appointments available for follow up
  • Connections to other community services for immunizations and other health care needs
  • Life Skills Support

For additional information on other local, provincial, and national resources, below are links to HealthLink BC, the Ministry of Health Services, and BC Mental Health and Addiction Services.