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Mental Health & Addiction Community Program

Atlin Health Centre
164 3rd St.
Atlin, BC V0W 1A0

Phone: (250) 651-7677
Fax: (250) 651-7687
After Hours (Nurse) or Emergency Line: (250) 651-7677
Ambulance services are also available at (250) 651-7700 
RCMP (250) 651-7511

Big Water Society
Operates out of the Teen Centre
Atlin, BC
Phone/Fax: (250) 651-2460


Alcohol counselling is available at TRTFN  Health Building: Phone: (250) 641-7935

The Mental Health & Addiction community program offer services that include a combination functions with interprofessional teams.

  • Community programs provide assessment, treatment and referrals for adults with mental health and/or addiction problems. The range of services includes:
  • Intake 
  • Crisis Response Short Term Counselling (individual, family, group) 
  • Longer term case management 
  • Withdrawal management 
  • Provides Life Skills support for activities of daily living 
  • Medication management 
  • Psycho-educational groups 
  • Education 
  • Our community has a Safe House. 

We have a strong interagency team and good collaboration with other agencies in Atlin.

 For additional information on other local, provincial, and national resources, below are links to HealthLink BC, the Ministry of Health Services, and BC Mental Health and Addiction Services.