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Assisted Living Residences

In the Northern Health region, there are a number of assisted living residences offering publicly subsidized units.

View the map locator below to find an assisted living residence near you, or select a community from the list to the left.

For a complete list of publicly subsidized assisted living sites in the Northern Health region click here (PDF file)

It is important to note that access to all publicly subsidized assisted living units is through Northern Health’s Home and Community Care offices. However the same operators and buildings that have publicly subsidized assisted living available may also offer other units for private, non-subsidized rental. Information about private, non-subsidized accommodation is available directly from the operator.

Descriptions Northern Health Assisted Living sites:

Click on the links to get more information about our publicly subsidized assisted living sites, including specific details about the accommodations available, local amenities, on-site activities, pet and smoking policies, and more.

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More Information

Managers of assisted living communities are required to register with the Office of the Assisted Living Registrar.  Each assisted living residence must meet health and safety standards as required by the registrar's office and the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.  Assisted living services subsidized by Northern Health are subject to contractual agreements that outline performance and management expectations.

For information on available private (non subsidized) assisted living residences in your area of interest, visit the official website for the Office of the Assisted Living Registrar.

Accreditation of Assisted Living Facilities

Accreditation is not a requirement of Assisted Living, but some residences have received accreditation status.