Nutrition for Children and Youth
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Nutrition for Children and Youth

Here you will find quick tips and resources for parents and caregivers about feeding school-aged children and youth.

How to Feed School-Aged Children and Youth

  • Adults decide what foods to offer, and when and where to serve meals and snacks.
  • Kids decide how much to eat, and which foods to choose from what is provided.
  • Involve kids in growing, selecting and preparing foods so that they can build their food skills.

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What to Feed School-Aged Children and Youth

  • Offer children and youth a variety of foods. As they see foods over and over again, they will build their comfort with a wider range of foods.
  • Balanced meals include foods from 3 or 4 food groups; balanced snacks contain foods from 2 food groups.
  • Offer milk or water with meals and snacks. Between times, offer water.

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