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Partnering for Healthier Communities (P4HC)

Building healthier northern communities requires sustained effort to address chronic disease and injury, yet it is the responsibility of many sectors. This effort requires effective partnerships and collaboration across communities. This is Northern Health’s P4HC approach.

Many local governments and community stakeholders are leaders and promoters of healthy living, and play a pivotal role in developing health-promoting settings and communities where they live, work, learn and play. Building on this momentum, Northern Health, through the P4HC approach, fosters partnerships with local governments and community stakeholders to further strengthen and our relationships and work collaboratively towards building healthier northern communities.

Partnering for Healthier Communities

One outcome of the P4HC approach has been the establishment of P4HC Committees across the north. These committees are co-chaired by local government and Northern Health, and have multi-sectoral partnership. Through the development of a common vision and a goal of a healthier community, these committees develop initiatives that are based on locally identified priorities.


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