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Residential Care Providers

Residential Care provider with a patientA licensee must ensure the health, safety and well-being of individuals being cared for in his/her facility, and comply with the requirements of the Act, Regulation and Standards of Practice. As a licensed care provider you are required to review and become familiar with the legislation

The following forms and publications provide a wealth of information that will be useful in assisting you with your day to day operations.

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Branch Publications

Fact Sheets

Other Publications and Websites

Application Form

Advanced Directives and Care Plans

Care Plans

Assisted Living and Residential Care Fire and Life Safety

Criminal Record Check

Agreement in Writing to the Use of Restraints

Hiring and staffing and due diligence in Residential Care

Audits & More Manual

Forms to Accompany the Audits and More Manual

Guidelines for the Development of Resident or Family Council

Hiring a New Manager

Audit Tools to Accompany the Audits and More Manual

Serious Incident Report
(Fillable PDF)

Incident Reporting of Aggressive or Unusual Behaviour in Adult Residential Care Facilities

Incident Reporting in Licensed Care Facilities

Canada’s Food Guide

Immunization of Adult Persons in Residential Care

Inspection and Risk Assessment Process

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Guide

Planning for Your Care Needs: Help in Selecting a Residential Care Facility

Policies in Residential Care

Meals and More Manual  

Residents Bill of Rights

Resolving Disputes

What is a Family and / or Resident Council

Smoking in Residential Care


File an Online Application or Serious Incident Report

We are pleased to announce that you will now be able to file an application for licence or amendment electronically, in addition to the online serious incident report. 


Once you have completed the electronic report forms,  they will be delivered to the licensing program for review.

The process which follows does not vary from the submission of paper form; a licensing officer may contact you for additional information if required.