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Choosing a licensed care facility for your loved one is an important responsibility.  It takes time, planning and patience to find the right care provider.  Licensing staff represent the public and families who rely on care providers (operator's and employees) to look after their loved ones.

The main goal is to ensure care providers meet and maintain basic health, safety and care standards as descrived in legislation and treat those in care with dignity and respect, recognizing the individuality of each person and honoring their rights. 

The Licensing Program is responsible for monitoring compliance of licensed facilities to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, the Community Care and Assisted Living Regulation, the Child Care Licensing Regulation and the Residential Care Regulation. 

View a list of current licensed care facilities.


Tips for Choosing a Care Facility


Child Care

The Parents' Guide to Selecting and Monitoring Child Care in BC describes the range of child care choices available to parents and provides some guidelines to help you decide on the care facility that is best for your family.  The Child Care Resource and Referral Program helps families find child care and provides information on subsidy, education and training services.


Residential Care

In British Columbia, there is a range of housing, support and care options to meet the needs of seniors and  other vulnerable adults.The Community Care and Assisted Living Act and associated Regulations govern residences and facilities that provide accomodations and services to three or more persons. 

Planning for Your Care Needs: Help in Selecting a Residential Care Facility will aid you in selecting a care facility.   Furthermore, the Northern Health Home and Community Care program conducts assessments to determine eligibility for placement in a care facility, assists in completing applications and in choosing a residential facility. You should contact your Home and Community Care office for more information about eligibility for admission. You are also encouraged to visit the facility to determine, first hand, if it will meet the needs and life style for you or your loved one.


Resolving Concerns or Disputes

Complaints are best addressed and resolved at the time and place they occur and wherever possible with the licensee or manager of the care facility.

Resolving concerns at the facility helps maintain a good relationship and often will find a quick and effective resolution for all persons involved.

Please visit our Filing a Complaint page for additional information.



Filing a Complaint in a Long Term Care Facility

Our goal is to provide transparency to the public by posting substantiated complaints regarding licensed long term care facilities.

If a contravention to the act and regulation is found,  the complaint will be posted with the inspection report on the public website.  

Visit our Terms and Definitions of Complaint Categories and Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 

If you have further questions, please contact your local licensing office