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Regional Chronic Diseases

The Regional Chronic Diseases (RCD) program helps Northerners in the area of chronic diseases. With a mandate to work in collaboration with key stakeholder groups, the RCD provides and stewards NH’s response to chronic diseases for the entire population of the North. Presently, there is a focus on four specific diseases. They include, Cardiac and Stroke Care, Cancer Care, Kidney Care and HIV & Hepatitis C Care. 

The program gathers information, creates tools, develops policy and helps create change to the health care system in order to directly deliver or support the delivery of “closer to home” chronic diseases health services where people live, learn, work and play.

RCD promotes well-being in the North by collaborating with others to:

  • Prevent the development of serious chronic diseases
  • Support chronic disease management in communities
  • Improve specialized care
  • Help people living with chronic diseases to have better outcomes

RCD provides leadership in chronic disease prevention and care by:

  • Creating policies, protocols and procedures that are used regionally to provide consistent care
  • Monitoring and evaluating services to be sure they are operating in a high quality manner and helps health programs and services improve

RCD either operates or supports the operation of specialized services, in close collaboration with Provincial Health Services Authority, in the areas of:

  • Cancer Care
  • Cardiac and Stroke Care
  • HIV and Hepatitis C Care
  • Kidney Care

RCD promotes partnership between Primary Care and Specialty Services and Specialists who are providing care to patients with Chronic Diseases


Kidney Care

Kidney Care Services we provide to patients:

  • Regional Kidney Care Clinics for chronic kidney disease patients for pre-dialysis monitoring and care
  • Regional Kidney Transplant services for referral before transplant and follow-up care after transplant
  • Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Hemodialysis offering regional home based therapies
  • Community Hemodialysis units in Fort St. John, Terrace and Prince George
  • UHNBC Hemodialysis offers acute and chronic in-centre kidney services


  • To access our patient services you must have a referral from your primary care physician
  • Referring physicians can direct referrals to our Centralized Referral Hotline Fax: 1-845- KIDNEYS

Kidney Care Clinic (pre-dialysis): (250) 649-7080
Peritoneal Dialysis Clinic: (250) 649-7080
Transplant Clinic: (250) 565-2823 or 250 565-2747
Home Hemodialysis Program: (250) 649 7086
Regional Clinical Practice Consultant (Kidney Care): (250) 631-4623 (Located in Terrace)
UHNBC Hemodialysis: (250) 565-2533
Terrace Hemodialysis: (250) 638-4066
Fort St. John Hemodialysis: (250) 261-7365

Our team of health care providers includes:

  • Nephrologist’s (physicians who specialize in Kidney Care)
  • Nurses with Nephrology Nurse Certification
  • Dieticians
  • Pharmacists
  • Nursing unit clerks
  • Social workers
  • Our teams also collaborate with your regular health care providers in your community
  • The BC Renal Agency and BC Transplant are partners we work closely with the provide high quality care

If you are interested in more info about Kidney Disease prevention and treatment please visit the BC Renal Agency or the Kidney Foundation of Canada

If you are interested in more info about organ transplants or organ donation, please visit BC Transplant

Tele-Kidney Care

  • Tele-Kidney care is an appointment where you meet with the Prince George kidney care team using a television screen or computer, a video camera and a microphone.
    • You can see, hear and talk to the health care workers in Prince George, and they can see, hear and talk to you.
    • It is a lot like being in the same room.
  • This type of appointment is one option you can choose that will allow you to meet with the specialist kidney care staff and decrease the need for travel for routine check ups.
  • A health care worker might be in the same room with you, and you are welcome to bring a family member. If arranged beforehand, your regular family doctor or other health care worker could also attend if you choose.
    • You can also ask anyone to leave the room if it makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Most appointments you see different members of the specialist team and the appointment can be up to two (2) hours long.
  • Your privacy is very important and so the appointment happens over a secure circuit and is not recorded or taped. All Tele-Kidney sessions follow the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act rules.

Cardiac Care

Our staff support cardiac patients with the following services:

  • Regional NORTH: Heart Function Clinics for Heart Failure patients for advice, medication adjustments, monitoring, education and care
  • Regional NORTH: Cardiac Rehab Program for Cardiac Patients for education, counselling and support to improve cardiac health & lifestyle choices
  • Supports other health care workers by providing education so they can better help patients closer to home


NORTH Clinics & Program Contacts
Toll Free Phone: 1-855-565-7373
Toll Free Fax: 1-855-565-5630

NORTH - Prince George
103-1669 Victoria Street, Prince George
Tel: (250) 645-6490
Fax: (250) 565-5630

NORTH - Prince Rupert
Prince Rupert Regional Hospital - Health Promotion Program
Tel: (250) 622-6225

NORTH - Kitimat
Kitimat General Hospital – Living Well Program
Tel: (250) 632-8313

NORTH - Terrace
Park Avenue Medical Building – Healthy Terrace Program
Tel: (250) 615-5533

NORTH - Robson Valley
Valemount Health Centre
Tel: (250) 566-9138

NORTH - Vanderhoof
Omenica Clinic
Tel: (250) 567-6165

To access the Heart Function Clinic you have to be referred by your primary care provider or a specialist. 

If you would like more info about heart conditions such as heart failure, or are looking for prevention and treatment info, please visit the following websites: 

Provides regional cardiac services by expert health care providers

  • Our team of health care providers includes:
    • Cardiologists / Internists (physicians who specialize in Cardiac Care)
    • Specialized Cardiac Trained Nurses
    • Administrative Support staff
  • Our Team provides advice and shared care with your primary care provider in your community
  • We work closely with our partners the BC Heart Failure Network, the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation, and Cardiac Services BC to provide quality care

Stroke Care

Provides regional stroke expertise and knowledge to staff and patients

  • Our team of health care providers includes:
    • Neurologists / Internists
    • Specialized “Living with Stroke” Trainer Nurses
    • Administrative Support staff
  • Supports physicians and nurses by providing stroke education opportunities so they can better help patients closer to home
  • Our Team provides advice and shares knowledge with your primary care provider in your community
  • Support stroke patients through the "Living with Stroke" Program (TM), a partnership with Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • We work closely with our partners the BC Heart Failure Network, the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation, and Cardiac Services BC to provide quality care

If you would like more info about stroke, or are looking for prevention and treatment info, please visit the following websites:

HIV and Hepatitis C Care

The HIV and Hepatitis C Specialized Support Team (SST) supports the people and families of those diagnosed with HIV or HCV by facilitating their links to care and access to ongoing support, medications and education. This support can be provided in person, Telehealth including videolink, telephone, text, fax or email.

Are you positive you're not positive - testing pamphlet (PDF), to find out more about where to get tested please see the FIND Services and Resources Directory


To access our patient services you can be referred by Primary care provider, specialists, community agencies, communicable disease nurse, detox staff, acute care staff or you can refer yourself.

  • Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-888-645-6495
  • Confidential Fax Number: 1-844-440-4454

You can find more information on the HIV101 Website

For more info about Harm Reduction, HIV, Hepatitis C or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), you can visit the following websites:

The team also supports capacity building of community agencies and primary care providers to engage, test, treat and support people including for HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) testing and prevention measures.

Members of the regional team include a social worker, dietitian, pharmacist and consultant nurse practitioner. The team partners with Primary Care, Specialist Care, BC Center for Disease Control, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, the Pacific AIDS Network and First Nations Health Authority to provide high quality HIV/AIDS care.


Contact Information

Contact Email:

Jessica Place
Executive Lead
Administrative Lead - Cancer Care

Kristin Massey
Regional Manager
Chronic Disease Policy and Standards
Administrative Lead - Cardiac and Stroke Care

Sheri Yeast
Regional Manager
Chronic Diseases Strategic Planning and Evaluation
Administrative Lead – Kidney Care

Joanna Paterson
Chronic Diseases Strategic Initiatives
Administrative Lead – Chronic Pain and HIV and Hepatitis C

Leanne Nahulak
Administrative Assistant
Regional Chronic Diseases