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This webpage is a communications tool to share and promote immunization information and resources with all Community Vaccine Providers (CVPs) within the Northern Health region.

The Community Vaccine Providers (CVP) Newsletter is one of Northern Health's communication tools. If you are interested in contributing to future issues of the newsletter or web page please contact Jill Walker, Interim Regional Manager Communicable Disease Program, Public Health at

Community Vaccine Newsletter


Tetanus promotion, immunization and other vaccine awareness materials:

Spring has sprung into summer! With the warmer weather comes an increased risk of tetanus infection. This is a great time to promote tetanus vaccination in your community. 

It is ideal to have opportunistic conversations with your clients about their immunization history. However, having print materials on hand can also help raise awareness and spark conversation in your clinic. Immunize Canada has posters and brochures ready to print and display. Health Canada also has available FREE vaccine promoting resources for order as well as a vaccine promoting YouTube video - Vaccination: Are we there yet?

For more information on talking to clients about vaccinations, visit ImmunizeBC to access communication resources for health professionals.

Community Vaccine Providers-Improving Access to Immunization Services

Vaccination is considered one of the 12 great achievements in the history of public health. As public health associations in Canada point out, one hundred years ago infectious diseases were the leading causes of death worldwide. Now thanks to advances in vaccines and immunization they are the cause of less than 5% of all deaths in Canada. But the capacity to maintain our immunization efforts is always stretched. We can lose ground. That is why building an even stronger team across the whole health sector to contribute to our fight against infectious diseases has never been more important. Expanding the contribution of pharmacists in the vaccination efforts is another milestone in building a strong system for public health.

Ted Bruce
Co-Chair, Policy Advocacy Research Committee
Public Health Association of BC

Non-Publicly Funded Vaccines

Over the past decade, a number of important new vaccines have been approved for use in Canada but are not publicly-funded at this time. Healthcare providers such as physicians, public health nurses, pharmacists, and other vaccine providers should communicate relevant information about all available vaccines, publicly-funded or not, to allow patients to make informed decisions about their health. The following resources provide further information on non-publicly funded vaccines in Canada: