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Elder Program

The Elder Program is one of five region-wide clinical programs Northern Health has established to help us deliver our promise of high-quality services for the people we serve. The Elder Program offers a range of health care and support services for residents that are designed to complement and supplement the efforts of individuals to care for themselves with the assistance of family, friends and community.

The Elder Program is made up of a team of health care professionals from across the North, and is also supported by a multidisciplinary guidance council of experts with links to researchers. As well, patients are heard through focus groups or experiences such as patient journey mapping.

The efforts of the Elder Program are aimed at enhancing the quality of the services and include development of:

healthy activity

  • Integration strategies to strengthen at-home services to prevent admission to hospital or to allow for earlier discharge from hospital;
  • Expert respite for a client’s unpaid caregivers;
  • Assisted living services to clients who are still independent, but require a higher level of care;
  • Residential care services for clients who can no longer be supported in their homes; and
  • Advanced health care planning.

The Elder Program’s goals for the coming year are:

  • To prevent falls by elderly people in hospitals; and
  •  To reduce the level of harm caused by falls by elderly people in hospitals by 10 per cent.




Executive Lead:
April Price

Medical Lead:
Dr. Dick Raymond