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NH Critical Care Program

The Critical Care Program has 3 Program Goals and 1 Sustainability Goal

1. Emergency Departments (Trauma Accreditation):

  • Preparation and application for Accreditation Canada Trauma Distinction Qmentum and site visits
  • Implement Accreditation Canada Trauma Distinction standards in preparation for site visits 

2. Emergency Departments (Sepsis):

  • Improve and maintain the use of the Sepsis Protocol in all Emergency Departments

3. Improve Care for Patients experiencing pain, agitation and delirium in UHNBC Intensive Care Unit (PAD):

  • Beginning with UHNBC, improve care for patients in Intensive Care Units with pain, agitation and delirium (PAD) through the development and implementation of leading practice protocols. 

4. Sustainability Goal: Transfer of Care Documentation



Executive Lead:
Beth Ann Derksen

 Medical Lead
Dr. Marietjie Slabbert