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Developing Quality in our Programs

What is Program Development? 

High-quality services comprise one of Northern Health's four strategic directions. It aims to ensure quality in all aspects of our organization.

Northern Health will ensure quality in all aspects of the organization. We will:

  • Establish a culture of continuous quality improvement and patient safety;
  • Establish the organizational structures and processes required for effective decision making;
  • Foster a learning environment and engage in research, in partnership with academic organizations;
  • Strengthen our capacity to manage the change needed to improve quality; and
  • Identify and manage risks to the organization and strengthen our preparedness for emergencies.

In 2010-2011, five program areas combined efforts to support Northern Health's focus on quality. The program development team is developing regional programs for increased communication, understanding, and quality of services in each of their areas. They are: 

For more information, visit Northern Health’s Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan page.


Program Leads

Critical Care Program:

Executive Lead:
Beth Ann Derksen
Medical Lead:
Dr. Marietjie Slabbert

Elder Program:
Executive Lead:
April Price
Medical Lead:
Dr. Dick Raymond

Mental Health & Substance Use Program:
Executive Lead:
Michelle Lawrence
Medical Lead:
Dr Gerard Prigmore

Perinatal Program:
Executive Lead:
Vanessa Salmons
Medical Lead:
Dr. Bill Kingston

Surgical Services Program:
Executive Lead:
Shelley Hatcher