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Junior Volunteer Program

3 participants of the Junior Volunteer ProgramJunior Volunteers are people like you!

Junior volunteers are young people, aged 16 to 19, who have a passion for patient care. They range from grade 10 high school students to second year university students. Junior volunteers devote themselves to a two hour shift per week and optional special projects, under the direction of a supervisor.

Photo: Participants in the 2010-11 Junior Volunteer Program. L-R Matthew Church, Coordinator of Junior Volunteers; Dara Campbell, Volunteer; Regan McMillan, Volunteer. Photo by Jonas Gagnon, PG Free Press.

What do Junior Volunteers do?

  • Visit patients
  • Read to children
  • Change water jugs
  • Play instruments and sing for Jubilee Lodge residents
  • Set up meal trays
  • ...and much, much more!

What do Junior Volunteers gain?

  • The Junior Volunteer program will give you many opportunities for learning and personal growth as you fulfill meaningful tasks in the hospital setting.
  • You will gain a positive component for your resume and may be eligible for future reference letters.
  • The Junior Volunteer program will provide the experience you may need for future health care professions.
  • The Junior Volunteer program will give insight into and knowledge about health care careers.

How do you join?

The online application process for the 2017-18 season begins 1 May 2017, and applications are accepted until July 31, 2017. We encourage earlier applications; this is a factor in the selection process.

Interviews are conducted from May until early September. 

  • The mandatory training day will be Saturday, September 23, 2017 in Prince George. 
  • The training day in Quesnel is TBC.
  • The training day in Terrace is TBC.

You cannot participate in the program unless you complete the mandatory training.

For more information regarding the Prince George program, please contact:

For more information regarding the Quesnel program, please contact:

For more information regarding the Terrace program, please contact:

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities in your local hospital, please call your local hospital switchboard, found by clicking on your community name.