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Review of Northwest radiology images complete

April 07, 2017

A review of radiology exams (CT scan, ultrasound and general x-ray) from Northwest B.C. is now complete. A group of radiologists at Vancouver General Hospital re-read images originally read by one radiologist at Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace between October 2016 and January 2017. Results have been shared with physicians and their patients.

Among the reviews of approximately 8,400 images, 10.3% resulted in a different interpretation that is considered clinically significant. It is very important to note that while any differences in the results had the potential to alter follow-up and/or treatment, it does not necessarily mean there are clinical concerns or adverse health impacts to the individuals affected.

The imaging tests are used to support a physician diagnosis, and are not the only factor considered. Recognizing that the tests aid in a diagnosis, we cannot speculate or provide any information as to whether there has been any specific adverse impact for those that will require follow-up with their physician.

At this time, the radiologist whose work was the subject of this review, remains on voluntary leave. The results of the review and next steps will be considered by the Northern Health Medical Advisory Committee.

Patient safety and quality of care is of the utmost importance to Northern Health. If patients have further questions about their care, they’re encouraged to contact their physician. General questions that patients may have about this matter can also be sent to the following email: