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Northern Health Reports

Downtown Prince George Health Services Review - 2017

Chief Medical Health Officers Report: Child Health - 2016

Essential to lifelong wellness for every person in Northern BC is a healthy pregnancy and a healthy childhood. Everyone deserves a good start. This report attempts to explain some of the factors that may serve to compromise or protect children’s health in the North.

Based on the findings from the child health report, the Northern Health board will launch its seventh community consultation on this topic. The consultation process will include online engagement through surveys, public sessions, focus groups, youth groups, and more. The plans for the public consultation are currently being finalized and will be shared in the near future. We expect the consultation process to begin in May.

Child Health Consultation Report: Growing Up Healthy in Northern BC - 2016

The report, entitled “Growing Up Healthy in Northern BC” contains ideas, comments, feedback and suggestions from people throughout the north. Consultations were held in over a dozen communities. In addition, focus groups were held in some communities including focus groups specifically with youth and First Nations communities.

Community Consultation: "Let's Talk About Health" - 2004/5

This consultation provided feedback that shaped Northern Health's operations and strategic directions.

Community Consultation: "Let's Talk About Addictions and Mental Health" - 2007

Northern Health held this community consultation in May, June and July of 2007. Over 800 people participated, including those from 15 First Nations communities.

Community Consultation: "Let's Talk About Healthy Aging and Seniors' Wellness" - 2013

Northern Health's 2013 public consultation, Let's Talk about Healthy Aging and Seniors' Wellness, provided the opportunity to engage citizens in Northern BC in conversations about what it means to be well and how to stay healthy as one ages.

Watch Dr. Charles Jago give an introduction to the 2013 Healthy Aging and Seniors' Health Consultation report on our Northern Health YouTube channel.

Community Consultation: "Let's Talk About Primary Health Care" - 2009

In fall 2009, Northern Health held public meetings on primary health care across northern BC (18 communities) so that Northerners could provide their input on activities and services that support good health. Almost a thousand people in participated.

Focus Groups: Men's Health - 2011

This was part of a conversation on men’s health sparked by the report "Where are the Men? Chief Medical Health Officer’s Report on the Health & Wellbeing of Men and Boys in Northern BC".

As noted in Where are the Men?, northern men don't live as long as those in BC's lower mainland. As well, men die earlier than women of virtually all causes. The 2011 men's health focus groups targeted First Nations, transportation, oil/gas/forestry/mining, and more.

Industrial Camp Report

NH Acute Care Survey Results - 2008

Along with health authorities across British Columbia, Northern Health took part in a survey of the experience of acute care patients from October to December 2008.

The results on a site-by-site basis are available in the Acute Care Survey Results document (pdf)

NH Acute Care Survey Results - 2011/2012

From October 2011 to March 2012, Northern Health conducted a survey among more than 1,000 patients who responded to a request to provide feedback about their experience of care at one of the 18 Northern Health hospitals. Their responses are listed in the reports below.

NH Ambulatory Oncology Survey Results - 2007

Along with health authorities across British Columbia, Northern Health took part in a survey in 2006 of the experience of cancer patients receiving services at Northern facilities.

The results on a site-by-site basis are posted here.

NH Annual Reports

NH Emergency Room Survey Results - 2008

Along with health authorities across British Columbia, Northern Health took part in a survey in 2007 on the experiences of patients receiving emergency room services at Northern hospitals and community health centres.

The results on a site-by-site basis are posted here.

NH Housekeeping Audit Results

Along with health authorities across British Columbia, Northern Health is regularly part of an independant housekeeping audit for hospitals and long-term care facilities.

NH Infection Prevention and Control Program

NH Medical Imaging Strategic Plan 2014-2025

NH Surgery Review - 2014

Northwest Surgical Services Review - 2010

Systemic Therapy Terrace & Kitimat Review - 2009

The Systemic Therapy review of the Terrace and Kitimat oncology programs set forth to assess the delivery of chemotherapy in the region and provide guidance to the Northern Health Authority (NHA) with respect to delivery and integration of clinical services into a region wide program.

Plans and Budgets

Population Health and Oil and Gas Activities - 2007

A preliminary assessment of the situation in North Eastern BC - a report from the Medical Health Officer to the Board of Northern Health. For the report, click here.

Year End Reports













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