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Northern Health Board

A ten-member Board of Directors appointed by the Government of British Columbia governs Northern Health. The current chair of the NH Board is Colleen V. Nyce, who was appointed to the position in 2017.

While board members come from communities across the region, by-laws establish that their role is to make decisions to meet health needs for the entire region rather than representing a particular community or area. Some of the Board’s functions include (but are not limited to):

  • Governance and oversight responsibilities;
  • Setting overall strategic direction for the organization;
  • Approval of budget submissions and business plans submitted by staff;
  • Receiving progress reports on organizational activities and business plans;
  • Reviewing and approving capital plans;
  • Granting privileges for physicians to practice in Northern Health facilities, on the advice and recommendation of the Northern Health Medical Advisory Committee; and
  • Reviewing and approving overarching strategies to address aspects of the performance agreement Northern Health holds with the Province of British Columbia.

The Northern Health Board meets approximately every two months in regular session, with an open board meeting and public presentation session at all regular meetings. The board ensures that one meeting per year is held in a Northeast community with another in a Northwest community. The remaining meetings are held in the Northern Interior, usually in Prince George.

Northern Health Management

On a regional management level, Northern Health’s operations are the responsibility of an executive team, headed by CEO Cathy Ulrich. The executive team is responsible for functions that include (but not limited to):

  • Developing operational plans for objectives set out by Northern Health’s Board and making sure that those plans are acted upon;
  • Preparation of budget, capital, and human resources plans;
  • Approving consistent regional standards for programs and services; and
  • Approval of regional policies for the organization.

Most of Northern Health’s services such as hospitals, home care, and residential care run within three geographic operating divisions: the Northeast, Northern Interior, and Northwest. These are called health service delivery areas (HSDAs). A chief operating officer (COO) manages each HSDA and reports directly to Northern Health’s CEO. Our Chief Operating Officers include:

  • Ciro Panessa in the Northwest
  • Penny Anguish in the Northern Interior
  • Angela De Smit in the Northeast.

Medical Health Office

Medical Health Officers responsible for monitoring, protecting and improving the health of the population within the Northern Health region.